Magento Migration

Australian E-Commerce Development for Magento Websites

Secure Your Data

With a completely overhauled security system and a re-imagined way of serving pages to customers, Magneto 2 has been hardened against credit card and identity theft. And when you build with Ultralight, we'll take care of your updates for you.

Sell With Speed

The original Magento required a patchwork of plugins to deliver a fast experience. With an upgraded Magento store, you'll see page load times of under a second - which means more than just great SEO scores. Customers simply won't wait for slow pages anymore.

Magento Migration at work.


Original osCommerce platform

  • Up to thirty second page loads.
  • Insecure HTTP connection and easily breached core security.
  • No payments or shipping.
  • Poor organic search performance.
  • No analytics or insights.


Magento 1.9

  • Six second page loads.
  • Secure HTTPS connection, but with dated server & core security.
  • Direct-to-bank payment function.
  • Acceptable organic search performance.
  • Basic data analytics and insights.


Magento 2.2

  • Two second page loads.
  • Secure HTTPS connection with hardened server and core security.
  • Enterprise grade, PCI Compliant payment gateway.
  • Good organic search performance.
  • Detailed analytics and advertising ROI insights.
  • Integrated WordPress for easy page building.

Fast Web Technology

All our website infrastructure is delivered through Amazon Web Services to ensure a lightning-fast, scaleable and secure system.

We follow the latest internet security practices so that your information is safe.

Better Customer Support

With unified support channels, you'll only have to go to one place to reply to everything from Facebook messages to website contact forms.

It's important to respond quickly to customers. We make that possible.

Data Management

Move your information from risky, inconvenient spreadsheets to modern, secure and safe systems like Airtable, and backup with our automated Amazon S3 system.

You'll be more organised, no matter where you choose to work.

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